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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Confirmed Flights; Ordered Limo

    Called China Airlines and confirmed my flights: JFK>Anchorage> Taipei, Taipei>Hong Kong and Hong Kong>Chengdu. Got aisle seats on the first two flights. Confirmed my luggage limits -- the normal size and weight of two checked bags, plus one carry-on not over 15 pounds. Found out I could take, if necessary, an extra checked bag under 70 pounds for $117.00! They want you to check in 3 hours ahead of the 11:45 PM flight; the counter opens four hours ahead of the flight (7:45 PM). Ordered a limo to pick me up at our son's house in Tenafly NJ at 6:00 PM to go to JFK. Have scheduled to get a haircut and beard trim the morning of departure, before driving to NJ. Checked the time zones: Anchorage is four hours earlier than NYC; Taipei, Hong Kong and Chengdu are all 12 hours later than NYC (guess that makes China 16 hours later than Anchorage). Now I've just got to figure out the best eating and sleeping schedule for the trip to reduce the effects of jetlag with the 12 missed hours.


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