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  • Friday, October 20, 2006

    Chengdu YMCA Buildings

    In 1911 an original Chinese style YMCA was built on the Y's present site. In 1914, Jinhuaguan Street was built from Zhengkejia Alley west to Chunxi Road. It now runs along side the YMCA. In 1925 a western style YMCA was completed (above) and in 1993 a new 5 story building was completed facing Chunxi Lu. The new building includes a Tea House, rental floors and the YMCA fitness center on two floors. I observe that many folks walk through Jinhuaguan Street and stop to take pictures of the YMCA and surrounding buildings. Last Wenesday, new neighbors arrived across Jinhuaguan Street which include a flower shop and a coffe shop and snack vendor. The street is now lined with tables and chairs where you can drink your coffee or eat your snack. My office is on the second floor of this building, as is the class room I use for teaching English to YMCA staff members. This buiding provides office space, a kitchen and staff dining room, classrooms for the arts and chorus program and the reading room. It is also home to several YMCA cats! It is spectacular at night.

    The archway on Jinhuaguan Street leading to Chunxi Lu (Chengdu's major predestrian shopping street) before the new coffee and snack shops arrived. The passageway under the arch includes the entrance to the Tea House on the second floor of the new YMCA building. The Tea House also has tables and chairs which you can see along the passage under the arch. The new YMCA building rises on the left.

    The Chengdu YMCA facilities include these two buildings, the Yellow House Orphanage and Jintang Hong Kong Primary School in Jintang, and two branch facilities - on in eastern Chengdu and one in western Chengdu. I have not yet visited the branch operations. And, there is a YWCA Kindergarten facility.


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    I lived in Chengdu for 2 years and walked through Chunxi Lu almost everyday and I never saw this! I must be blind.


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