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  • Sunday, December 24, 2006

    YMCA Christmas Luncheon - December 25th

    The traditional YMCA-YWCA Christmas Staff Luncheon was held at the Y on Christmas Day -- a regular work day in China.

    A small Christmas tree and many Christmas cards received by the Y which were displayed on the walls made for a festive holiday setting.
    Santa boot candles served as center pieces on the dining table.

    Attending the Christmas Luncheon were from left to right above, Zhou Yu Gao (Jim), Maintenance Director; Wu Qi Ming (Luke), Branch Director; Xie Yuan Chao (Anna), Cashier; Li You Quan (Paul), Branch Director; and Yu Guo Fen (Annie), Public Reading Room Director. Below from left to right are Wang Lan Zhi (Mary), Cook; Huang Hui (Susan), Public Relations Director; Wei Yuan (Bob), Property Rental and Driver; and Hua Yibao (Isabella), General Secretary.

    The Christmas Luncheon menu included the following delicious foods.
    Turnip Soup - Soup is traditionally served at the end of the meal in China.


    Red pepper flakes and salt in which to dip the beef. If you chose, you could also put it on your baked potatoes which was very good.


    Baked white potatoes and yams.

    Two Chinese green vegetables. There are said to be 330 vegetables available in Sichuan so I will never remember which are which.

    Steamed corn-based and rice-based buns.

    Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon.

    For dessert, fresh sweet delicious oranges, served by Bob.

    Several YMCAs gave me T-shirts to bring for the staff of the Chengdu YMCA. The Christmas Luncheon provided an opportunity for staff to pick the preferred size, color and design. Some then modeled their choice for the rest of us.

    The luncheon's fellowship was enhanced by a series of jokes shared by members of the staff. Merry Christmas!


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