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  • Sunday, January 21, 2007

    3rd International Foods & Tour Festival of China

    The 3rd International Foods & Tour Festival of China will be held from January 27 to February 4 in Chengdu with its main venue being the main conference hall on the new 1369-meter long Yipintianxia Gourmet & Travel Business Street. Major activities will include (1) four exhibitions: (a) International Delicacy Exhibition, (b) Famous Chinese Snacks Exhibition, (c) Pan-delicacy Culture Exhibition including Traditional Herb Cuisine & Tonic Food Culture, Tea Culture and Sichuan Liquor Culture, and (d) Sichuan Specialties Exhibition regarding food and Spring Festival commodities with Sichuan characteristics; (2) three delicacy contests: (a) Innovated Sichuan Dishes Contest and Jinsha Shu Banquet, (b) Pepper King Contest, and (c) the 1st 'Gao Fu Ji' Cup Community Family Cooking Contest; (3) promotion activities: including issuing the new book Chengdu Taste which analyzes the city from the perspective of the gourmet culture; (4) cultural and recreational performances: (a) Street Dance Contest, (b) Cosplay Contest, (c) Extreme Sports Performance, and (d) Martial Arts Arena. Lots of detail about the Festival can be found on its website.


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