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  • Sunday, January 14, 2007

    Administrative Divisions of Mainland China

    When reading about different places in China, they are often described in terms of the administrative or political divisions in or near which they are located. At times I have found this confusing; so we briefing discussed it in the Y staff English class on Friday. Then, I did a search on the Internet and found a good (hopefully up-to-date) explanation on Answers.com from material published on Wikipedia. [Note: Wikipedia cannot be directly accessed from China.]

    The constitution of the People's Republic of China provides for three levels of government; however, currently there are five practical (de facto) levels of local government in mainland China: the province, prefecture, county, township and village. Their is a sixth level, the district public office, under counties, but it is being abolished.

    The People's Republic of China administers 33 province-level (省级 shengji) divisions, including 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities, and two special administrative regions. Chengdu is in Sichuan Province. Wikipedia provides the following provincial-level map of the People's Republic of China. Sichuan is in southwestern China.

    is made up of the following administrative divisions: 21 prefecture-level divisions (18 prefecture-level cities and 3 autonomous prefectures), 181 county-level divisions (14 county-level cities, 120 counties, 4 autonomous counties and 43 districts), and 4782 township-level divisions (1865 towns, 2586 townships, 93 ethnic townships and 238 sub-districts).

    Chengdu city is one of the 21 prefecture-level divisions of Sichuan. Below, from Answers.com/Wikipedia, is a list of the county-level administrative divisions in Chengdu city.

    Prefecture level County Level
    Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin
    Chengdu City
    Chéngdū Shì
    Qingyang District 青羊区 Qīngyáng Qū
    Jinjiang District 锦江区 Jǐnjiāng Qū
    Jinniu District 金牛区 Jīnniú Qū
    Wuhou District 武侯区 Wǔhóu Qū
    Chenghua District 成华区 Chénghuá Qū
    Longquanyi District 龙泉驿区 Lóngquányì Qū
    Qingbaijiang District 青白江区 Qīngbáijiāng Qū
    Xindu District 新都区 Xīndū Qū
    Wenjiang District 温江区 Wēnjiāng Qū
    Dujiangyan City 都江堰市 Dūjiāngyàn Shì
    Pengzhou City 彭州市 Péngzhōu Shì
    Qionglai City 邛崃市 Qiónglái Shì
    Chongzhou City 崇州市 Chóngzhōu Shì
    Jintang County 金堂县 Jīntáng Xiàn
    Shuangliu County 双流县 Shuāngliú Xiàn
    Pi County 郫县 Pí Xiàn
    Dayi County 大邑县 Dàyì Xiàn
    Pujiang County 蒲江县 Pújiāng Xiàn
    Xinjin County 新津县 Xīnjīn Xiàn


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