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  • Monday, January 22, 2007

    Songxianqiao Art Center on Dongdajie &
    Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists

    All of the guide books about Chengdu tell you about Songxinqiao Art City on Qinghua Jie, near Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, which is a large partially covered market of stalls that sell art and antiques. Recently, I discovered there is a second Songxinqiao Art City on Dongda Jie in downtown Chengdu a couple of blocks east of Hongxing Lu.

    On the ground level there are several pedestrian walkways lined with shops like the ones above and below. On the second and third floor there are many more shops, each featuring a particular artist or group of artists or art product. The shop also serves as a studio for many of the artists. The shops sell ancient art, artware, calligraphy, ceramics, classic furniture, jade, jewelry, paintings and Tibetan cultural items -- the full range of art works.
    Currently through February 10th, the Art Center is hosting an exhibition called Prospect -- Exhibition of Invited Contemporary Young Artists, Chengdu 2007 which includes works from over 40 young artists from Chengdu and other cities in China. Most of the display are by artists under the age of 35 and are unveiled to the public for the first time. Most of the artists have a background of academic training in the major fine art institutions of China. Unfortunately for me, the labels on the paintings and biographical material on the artists are all in Chinese. The Chengdu Weekly of 21 January 2007 has an article of the exhibition from which this material was taken.

    While I enjoyed the exhibition, I am always disappointed when I go to a contemporary art exhibition. Guess I just don't appreciate contemporary art as much as some of the works of the older masters. My favorite painting in the exhibit is below.


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