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  • Saturday, February 10, 2007

    Feeling at Home in Chengdu

    Yesterday morning I had really strong feelings of "being at home" in Chengdu. Each morning I've been eating two sliced bananas with milk and several fresh Mandarin oranges (they are delicious!) before I leave my apartment. Then I stop at the McDonald's near the Y for coffee and a Sausage and Egg with Cheese Burger. Yesterday, as I walked through the front door of McDonald's, the counter supervisor smiled, placed my order, range up my charges and laughed before I even got to the counter. It felt good to be predictable and known -- like being at home. By the way, at McDonald's I get the coffee with free refills and the Sausage and Egg with Cheese Burger for 10 Yuan (US $1.25).

    Then, as I approached the YMCA, two separate children with their mothers on their way to the YMCA Vacation Arts School greeted me with "Good Morning!" At the YMCA entrance gate was the large poster promoting next term's English classes with my picture spread over it.

    Once inside the gate, there were the normal "Nín hǎo!" or "Good Morning!" from Y staff. It all just made me feel a strong part of Chengdu and the Chengdu YMCA -- at home in Chengdu.


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