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  • Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Huan Hua Xi Park

    Huan Hua Xi Park is relatively new and is located in western Chengdu next to The Du Fu Thatched Cottage. Huan Hua Xi means Flower Washing Stream and it runs through the park. The map below appears on sign boards in the park. In the northeast corner of the park is the new Sichuan Province Museum which should open shortly. West of the museum is an area of wetlands known as the Everglade. In the section of the park directly south of The Du Fu Thatched Cottage is Cang Lang Lake and a walkway that leads to Poem Avenue. The southeast section of the park includes Poem Avenue, a reforested hilly area, a children's playground, an outdoor cafe and an underground parking garage.

    Dr. Theodore Johnson, in his Sichuan English Guide [2005], tells the folk story related to the origin of Huan Hua Xi Park's name: "A long time ago, a pretty young lady lived near the stream. It is said that she had a kind heart and often did something good for her friends and local people. One day a monk arrived when a group of ladies were washing their clothes by the stream. The monk had serious ski disease. He scratched his skin as he walked towards the ladies. At the first sight of the monk, all the ladies ran away as quickly as possible. However, the pretty young lady stayed and continued her washing. The monk had some clothes in his hand. Those clothes looked very dirty. It seemed that they had not been washed for several months. The monk keep scratching. He said to the lady, 'Would you like to wash my clothes?' 'Yes, I will,' said the lady. She took the dirty clothes from the monk and put them into the stream. The young lady dipped the clothes into the water, and immediately lotus flowers appeared and blossomed. Lotus flowers were everywhere in the stream. 'It's amazing,' said the lady to herself. She turned to the monk, but there was no sign of the man. Upon hearing the wonder, local people came and saw the flowers. Since then, they have called the stream huanhuaxi or the Flower Washing Stream."

    Separate posts on each section will give you a better view and understanding of Huan Hua Xi Park.


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