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  • Saturday, November 25, 2006

    My Home in Zongfu Garden in Chengdu

    Earlier I posted pictures of my 30-floor apartment building which has become home for six months while I serve as the NAFYRE volunteer in Chengdu. The Chengdu YMCA provides an apartment for the NAFYRE volunteer while in Chengdu. The apartment is about a twenty minute walk from the YMCA and the center of Chengdu. It is one block from the Fu River.
    The entrance to Zongfu Garden is on the garden side of the building away from the street. The ground floor on the street side is occupied by a bank and a car wash/detail center.

    The garden is nicely landscaped and includes a bird cage with birds, a wonderful bridge over the small stream that runs through the garden, flowers and fruits, a fish pond and a swimming pool for the hot summer days.

    My Chengdu home includes a sitting/dining room, study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom with shower and balcony. Below are four shots of my sitting/dining room which includes a sofa and two matching chairs, a small dining table with two chairs, a cable TV with DVD player, a small refrigerator/freezer, a water cooler/heater, and a cabinet at the door for outside and house shoes.

    The study includes a desk and chair, a rocker with foot rest, closet, book shelves and drawers. I brought my laptop with me and purchased a printer in Chengdu.

    The kitchen includes a double sink (above it is the instant hot water heater for the kitchen and bathroom which works great), a two-burner cooktop with hood, a microwave, clothes washer and cabinets. The two-burner cooktop seems normal in Chengdu. Combined with a rice cooker and a crock pot (or slow cooker) for soup, it makes for a compete cooking area.

    The bedroom includes a large, very comfortable bed with good reading lights, two bedside tables, a large double closet and a drying rack for clothes.

    The well lit lavatory is in the small hall that connects the sitting room, bathroom and kitchen.

    My balcony is out sliding doors from the bedroom or viewed from the windows in the study. It came with beautiful red flowers and green plants which I water regularly.

    The balcony also includes a drying rack with many clothes pins which are great for hanging socks and other clothes. Now I've brought it inside to the drying rack since it has been raining the past few days.

    The balcony provides a view to the east over the Fu RIver into the normal foggy sky of Chengdu. The apartment makes a wonderful home for the six months of volunteer service with the Chengdu YMCA.


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