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  • Sunday, December 10, 2006

    MORE ... Street Scenes in Chengdu

    Yesterday, December 9th, I walked from home to Qintai Road in western Chengdu with a stop downtown for lunch of a fresh garden salad and bacon and vegetable pizza at Amy's. The walk took me from the Fu River in the East to the Nan River in the West -- the full East-West distance in central Chengdu. Along the way several Street Scenes caught my eye which I thought I'd share with you. The above dolls were in a store window watching all of us pass by.

    Often as I walk, I see new store openings, always with many flowers in front. This was a small new clothing store along one of the main streets.

    The above chestnut stand is typical Chengdu. I don't think I had ever tried roasted chestnuts until I came to Chengdu. Can't say they've become a favorite food of mine.

    You can buy all kinds of food on the street. The above bike stand is selling yuzi or youzi, a grapefruit like fruit but not as sweet, that is a favorite of many in Chengdu.

    Every where in Chengdu there are Liao's Bon-Bon Chicken take-out stands. They don't appear to do as well as a regular McDonald's.

    A Chengdu parking lot for bikes located on the sidewalk. For a small fee an attendant with lock and protect your bike while you shop, eat or work.

    Like every large city in the world, there are news stands or shops in every block -- often more than one.

    If you don't want to buy, or can't afford to buy, the newspaper, there are public copies posted on special stands in various locations.

    The Monument in People's Park to the Martyrs of the Railway Protection Movement (1911) as seen from across the street.

    The statue of Chairman Mao as you walk into Tianfu Square.

    The new Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, located beyind Chairman Mao, on Tianfu Square. It is on my list for winter when indoor activity may be welcomed.


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