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  • Thursday, January 11, 2007

    HK YMCA Jintang School Play Competition

    Since before the New Year's holiday, preparations have been underway for yesterday's inter-school English play competition in Jintang. Eleven schools competed yesterday for four slots in the final competition. Our students ranked in the top four teams and will proceed to the finals next week.

    Above are Kenna, Lisa, David, Ann and Peter. They preformed the Hong Kong YMCA Primary School's Birthday Party play in the competition.

    Ye Yu (Suzanne), Headmaster of the Hong Kong YMCA Primary School, helps Kenna with his play costume.

    "Sandwich," a volunteer from Hong Kong with the YMCA Yellow House Orphanage, took a very active part in training and practicing the students for the play competition. Idol Pong, of Yellow House, wrote the original script for the play. Several YMCA, orphanage and school staff assisted with training the children to perform the play.

    Yao Hong Mei, first and fourth grade English teacher at the Jintang school, helps a student get dressed prior to the competition.

    Our students were the fourth team to perform. Two of the teams prior to us had elaborate costumes and scenery; but the competition was about speaking English and our children did very, very well. Two of earlier teams, below, performed a play about animals and a Cinderella type play.


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