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  • Friday, November 03, 2006

    MORE ... Scenes in River Viewing Park

    Xue Tao - Poetess of the Tang Dynasty

    Well of Xue Tao
    "Originally called the Yunu Well (The Well of a Jade-like Girl), the Xue Tao Well is a main relic in memory of the poetess Xue Tao of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.). The local monarchs of the Early and Mid-Ming Dynasty (1368-1664 A.D.) took the water from the well to make writing paper called Xue Tao paper. From then on, it has been called Xue Tao Well. In 1664 A.D. Ji Yingxiong, the mayor of Chengdu in the period of the Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty wrote the three big characters "Xue Tao Jing" in beautiful Chinese calligraphy. Hence it has become a famous relic in memory of the Tang Poetess." - Wangjiang Park Sign

    Detail on the River Viewing Tower

    A Gazebo in the Park

    A Bridge and Pond in the Park


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