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  • Monday, November 06, 2006

    News from the Chengdu Weekly - Nov 5

    Chengdu Becomes an LHC Member
    Chengdu was unanimously approved as the 66th member city of the League of Historical Cities (LHC) at the 10th World Conference of Historical Cities held in Ballarat, Australia, last week. The award will let more people in the world know about Chengdu's history, culture and civilization, and expand its international partnership in preservation and protection of its cultural heritage. Chengdu is the fourth city in China to get the LHC membership, after Xi'an, Nanjing and Zhengzhou.

    Chengdu Gears Up for EU-China PartenariatChengdu is going full steam ahead for the EU-China Partenariat 2006 which is being held November 9-10. Over 400 companies from European countries and 500 from China, as well as delegates from governmental and business groups are expected to attend. Negotiations and discussions will be conducted mainly in relation to industries of farm produce processing, tourism, medical treatment, environmental protection, machinery, construction equipment, construction subordinates processing, information and electronics.

    Sichuan Science and Technology Museum Opens
    The Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, which opened on Thursday, provides a venue to feel the pulse of the scientific and technological progress in the process of interaction and communication, rather than a place of deadpan pictures and inaccessible models. Located on the Tianfu Square, the museum visualizes abstruse science and technology by adding interactive functions to every exhibit to give visitors a real-life experience. The museum emerges from the former Sichuan Exhibition Hall with more than ten exhibition halls on four floors.

    Children's HeartLink in Sichuan
    The Children's HeartLink, an international medical non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of heart disease in needy children, came to Sichuan this week to perform a project in cooperation with the province. To stay here for one week, the doctors from Toronto Sick Children's Hospital in Canada will offer medical treatment to poor children suffering from cardiovascular disease, together with their Chinese counterparts of the hospital affiliated with the Huaxi Medical University. Founded in 1969 in Minnesota USA, the Children's HeartLink works in partnership with medical centers in developing countries to promote sustainable cardiovascular programs for indigent children.


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