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  • Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Thanksgiving Dinner at the Chengdu YMCA

    The YMCA staff surprised me today with a wonderful and very special Thanksgiving Dinner at lunch time at the Y.Around the table starting on the left are Jim, Luke, Paul, Anna, Annie, Mary, Bob, Susan, Isabella and Mike. Idle, from the Yellow House in Hong Kong, joined us later.

    The staff had prepared or purchased a wonderful, delicious
    Thanksgiving Dinner with lots of variety.

    Above: Chicken, pork and wōsǔn or gīngsǔn with red peppers.

    Above: Small baked yams, uncooked broccoli with red peppers,
    cooked celery with red peppers, bananas, tangerines and yòuzi.
    Above: Pizza from Pizza Hut.
    Not shown: Steamed buns, rice, shredded beef with sesame seeds,
    fresh dates, a sesame brittle, a wheat flour based sweet, wine and tea.
    My deep felt "Thanks" to the YMCA staff for a memorable Thanksgiving!!!!!


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