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  • Monday, November 20, 2006

    YMCA -YWCA Volunteer Service Base

    In 2002,the Chengdu YMCA-YWCA set up a Service Base for Volunteers from local colleges and other adults at the Jiangjun Primary School (Grades 1-4) in Jintang County. On regular intervals, the volunteers go to Jiangjun Primary School to organize extracurricular activities and interest groups and to improve the school's environment, playground and sports facilities. Activities include winter sports, games, a Summer Day Camp, a Children's Day Program, and Special Classes on Saturdays or Sundays. The Amity Foundation,a non-governmental social development organization organized by Christian church leaders in China, has donated money to buy chairs, desks, library equipment and gym equipment for the Jiangjun Primary School in support of the activities of the Y's Service Base.

    A second Service Base was established at the YMCA Hong Kong Jintang Primary School, also in Jintang County. Every two weeks on Saturdays, about ten volunteers (mostly college students plus the school's computer teacher) would travel to Jintang in a car or rented church bus and conduct half-day Special Classes at the school. [In the afternoons they would go to the Jiangjun Primary School to conduct some of the same classes.] Special Classes included: drawing, dancing, ping pong, volleyball, English, computer, Chinese Gongfu, chess, calligraphy and Chinese brush painting. These classes were free to the students. Unfortunately, the Education Department stopped these classes at Jintang and other schools because some of the schools were charging students extra money for these Special Classes. The Education Department said the students must rest on Saturdays and Sundays.

    A third Service Base at another school provides a special program on Chinese Children's Day, June 1, each year.


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